Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Hello My Friends!

HI there! I'm feeling better. I no longer have The Consumption. Now I have pain in the ass law school. Why still here if it's such a pain in the ass? Sheer pride and strength of will. But, I digress, I'm really here to tell you that I was the crazy one at Ry's parent house. See, Ry has 2 sisters, S & K who are sweet, and my FMIL (Faux Mother In Law), S, K and I were discussing the new babies that re being born to Ry's 2 cousins. So, FMIL asks,"So, girls, will you nurse?" K said no and that it was disgusting, S said it was disgusting but she'd do it because it's healthiest for the baby, and I said, Heck ya, why not, if we weren't supposed to nurse, we wouldn't have boobs, it the most natural thing in the world! So then FMIL asked about diapers, both girls shouted Pampers, and I said cloth. I was looked at like I had two heads. But come on. Wrapping a new fresh baby up in toxic chemicals? No thanks. Not to mention the fact that cloth is less expensive, better for the environment, babies with cloth diapers potty train sooner and there are so many more options for cloth diapering now than there were even ten years ago. Well, I'm pretty sure S and K think I'm crazy, but my FMIL, might be convinced. She cloth diapered both Ry & S. We'll see.

Anyway, I knitted a pair of mittens for S, and she LOVED them. The were a big hit, and FMIL asked for a pair for next year, so I promised a pair to her. Maybe I'll knit socks for FFIL and then they'll be taken care of, with just two little projects! Woo-hoo! So that was my weekend, that and I swatched up for my mitten pals mittens. Tomorrow, knitting group with Deb! Yay!

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