Saturday, March 29, 2008

Arizona, baby!

Ry and I went to Arizona for spring break, it was a whirlwind trip and, as always, it felt like it was just not enough time. Ry fell in love with AZ and just yesterday asked me when we can go back. I just laughed, he has to take the bar exam, and then we have a wedding to plan and save for! Silly boy. While we were in AZ we got to visit with Ry's friend D and his family, D & K have two kids and they are just absolutely adorable. I also got the opportunity to get to know my Cousin's Future Wife a bit better, she's a charming girl, a bit quiet, but than again my cousin and I tend to be loud and talkative, anyone who ends up with us would have to be a bit quiet. (and they both are!) We went to Tombstone, Bisbee and the Grand Canyon. The hotel we stayed at in Bisbee was The Copper Queen Hotel, which is haunted by three ghosts...and I know you're going to laugh (ahem, Grampa), but I swear the female ghost was in our room. All of the sudden at 2:30am I woke up from some extraordinarily vivid nightmares, I out on my glasses checked the clock and lay back down. Suddenly I was freezing. I felt like i was outside in 10 degree weather with nothing but a swimsuit on, that is how cold I was. Then I felt a cold arm lay over the top of mine and a cold hand squeeze my own. Needless to say I freaked out, I was yelping and kicking Ry, and he would not wake went on for maybe 15 or 20 seconds and then it stopped. I didn't fall back to sleep until dawn (just incase she came back). I know it's my fault, see she used to conduct business in a room that was just a door down from mine, and apparently she was a Lady Of The Evening... Except I kept calling her a whore, but with a cheesy Boston accent, so a "Hooah". Pretty sure she didn't like that, so she woke me up. Well anyway, it was creepy, and weird, but kinda cool. From Bisbee we spent some time in Tucson and I showed Ry around my old haunts, we even went to Gentle Ben's! I haven't been there since my Dad was going to UofA! When we got back we spent time with my Grandparents and had a picnic and played some games and just generally relaxed and had fun, which is easy to do with them. Then Ry & I went to the Grand Canyon, he was astounded. His jaw literally dropped when he first saw The Canyon. It was great we had a picnic and went all along the South Rim. Then we spent some time with my grandparents, and Gramma and I dyed Easter eggs and ryan saw an old family video of all us cousins when we were kids. It was such great fun. We had a wonderful time. So, without further ado, here are some oice from the trip.

(at the canyon)

(the desert in bloom)

Tuesday, March 11, 2008

"Smelly cat, smelly caaat what are they feeding you?" ~Phoebe

I work with a person who smells. Bad. Really bad. Lest you think I am a small and petty person, let me say this: This is no ordinary b.o. It does not smell like sweat. I have lived in hot and sweaty states and been around my fair share of sweaty people. That is not this odor. This odor is acrid, it stings the back of my throat when I breathe it in. It is almost as though this person keeps the litter box in the closet with the clothes. The problem with this theory is that GP does not own a cat. I asked. No cat because of allergies. So where is this odor coming from? I cannot look this person in the eye and say “You know something, GP? You smell. I mean really, really smell bad. What’s going on? Are you ill?” I cannot say this anymore than you can look someone in the eye and say “Why yes you are quite unattractive. People do care, and it’ll probably be harder for you to be hired as say, a model, but not to worry I’m sure you’ll find love. There are plenty of other unattractive people out there, and if that fails your mother will always love you.” Um, no. That cannot be said, it can be thought, but never said. The odor ebbs and flows, today it flowed. It flowed right over to my cubicle, if it hadn’t been so chilly out, I’d have opened my window. However it was chilly and I was stuck, stuck with this odor choking me, stinging my eyes. Thinking about it now I can taste the odor in the back of my throat. It is truly an awful smell. I deduced today with the help of a co-worker, that it is a very bad case of Vinegar Foot. Feet that smell so bad it is like leaning over a vat of vinegar and breathing it in. That is the acrid odor. (That, by the way is what comes of buying cheap “leather” shoes.) Now my problem is that GP keeps a spare set of shoes at work. So, I ask you, how can I sneak into GP’s cube and spray down the spare set, wrestle the regular set off GP’s feet and spray those down all without GP’s knowledge? Horse tranquilizers? Tranquilizer darts? A quick bonk to the head? Let me know.

Thursday, March 6, 2008

Swap Package Received!

I received my swap package today! What a lovely surprise at the end of a crap day! Claudia did a wonderful job with my mittens, they are the herring bone pattern in a lovely pale blue and plummy purple. I just adore them! They will go with EVERYTHING! She also sent me some Scottish and Welsh Yarn and most favorite chocolate, Cadbury's!! Thanks so much to her I just love everything, it really brightened my day. The package is wonderful, I adore it, but enough gushing, here are the pics!


So I got up ths morning and decided to make a protein shake for breakfast. I took the shake mix, some milk, a banana, and some ice cubes, threw them in the blender and BAM! Deliciously good shake. I had a few sips and boy was it tasty. Then I gathered up my things and headed out the door to work. Ivery carefully placed the shake on the roof of the car and began throwing my bags onto the passenger seat. As I was moving Ry's driving glasses and repositioning my bag...WHAM SPLOOSH! The whole DAMN shake came crashing down on me. Needless to say not only was I mad that I was covered in banana protein milk, but I also had to change clothes, rise off my coat make another shake (this time just with mix and water to save time) and left late for work. Thank God it narrowly missed my hair, otherwise I would ahve been REALLY pissed!

On the knitting front, I finished the mittens for my swap partner, a pair of baby booties (which will be going on the feet of a doll, because the first one is not as good as I'd like it to be and Trish really wanted them) and the campfire socks. I'm startign a gauge swatch for a pair of socks for my FMIL and for a sweater (I know sweater season is almost over, but hopefully I'll have it done before the next sweater season).