Friday, June 18, 2010

Le Sigh

Wow! What a jerk, I've been. Not only did I blow my resolution, but I've taken months to finally get back on here and post something! I really admire those moms who post every day. They must hand their kids over to their husbands and RUN to the computer to put together a post. I wish I was more like that. In any event a lot has been going on since my last post. Connor began crawling and is now walking, well running really. He has also figured out how to go up the stairs and up a stepladder, but not down. He runs away and laughs when I chase him. It's all very cute. On the other side of it, I think he may be starting the "Terrific Twos" early. He screams, I mean SCREAMS when he does not get his way. HE has temper tantrums quite often. I do my best to ignore the screaming and crying and I explain to him why things are the way they are and give him something else to do. It works about half the time. So, what else? Well, the little monkey turned one on the 8th of April and Steve got married on the 10th of April. It was a nice wedding, although I STILL haven't seen any of their pictures.

On the job front, I still don't have one, but I need one before the end of summer. Sigh. The thought of putting Connor in daycare makes me queasy. I don't like the idea of non-family looking after him, but millions of people do it, so I know I just need to man up about it. In knitting, not a whole lot, some dishcloths some swiffer covers I have 2 pair of socks and a sweater on the needles. I'd really like to start designing. So maybe I will, I just really don't like gauge swatches! Again, I'm just going t have to suck it up, because I have an idea for a sweater for the C-Man and it's not going to write itself.

We went to AZ in May for my grandparents 60th wedding anniversary. I had a great time. We all did. We took Connor to the zoo for the first time and Ryan's second time. They loved it! There were bears and monkeys, lions and rhinos and elephants. It was great. i wish I could afford to go out there more often. It's always so nice to spend time with my grandparents. I really love and miss them so much.

I let Connor play with markers yesterday. It was both good and bad. Good: he had a lot of fun and I have his first masterpiece on the fridge. Bad: When he got bored he sucked on the end of the marker and we both still bear the marks of a green marker. Apparently they wash off of everything but skin. I think I'll get him some of those Crayola ones that only write on the special paper. Might be easier.

Well, I think that gets you mostly caught up with things. The stuff I skipped over is all of your typical family drama. Which I can't really talk about. Let's just say I'm hurt and I'm upset and I'm sad for Connor because he's really the one that loses on all of this. Speaking of Connor I'm going to end this with a few pictures of my baby boy.
On his birthday

At the splash park in Tempe, AZ

At McCormick Ranch Railroad Park in Scottsdale, AZ