Wednesday, February 28, 2007


So the other night I was watching television, and I was attacked by a vicious boredom. I became bored. I mean really really bored. I was bored of t.v., bored of (prepare yourself) knitting, bored of being on the couch, just plain bored. So what to do? Well I got up and went to the make-up kit. Well, it's not a kit so much as it is a toolbox filled so full of make-up that it will no longer securely close. (37 lipsticks the last time I counted, which was 2 years ago.) So anyway, I went to the toolbox and selected my M.A.C. Blue Pigment and a brush, and then hauled myself back out to the living room, picked my canvas, and painted...

Isn't she beautiful?? Ha ha ha, I only wish I could've found my white eye pencil so I could have given her eyebrows. (In case you were wondering, Ry just laughed & laughed and called me a nut.)

Monday, February 26, 2007

Peculiar Obsession

Is it normal to be so uncontrollably addicted to knitting? Sometimes, when I'm sitting in class all I can think about is whether or not Ry would let me eat cereal for a month so that I can buy some yarn and start new projects. (He definitely would not, since we split the grocery bill!) Or at work all I want to do is read the blogs and see whats going on out there in Knittingland. Of course they really do not keep me busy enough at maybe that's their fault? Once my mind wanders off, it's very difficult to reign it back in.

So here I am on Monday thinking that I should have finished 5-7 more inches on the Sexy Little Sweater, and I only finished about 2-3 inches. I don't know what happened! Molly wanted to go for a trail hike on Saturday (because it was finally warm enough.) Then Ry & I had a friend over. (I played drinking games for the first time ever.) Then on Sunday we slept late, and I had a TON of studying to do, so my T.V./knitting time was cut way down. Today all I can think about is that little sweater, and that fact that I could probably do my legal research at work and knit at the same time...but I'd probably get fired. I can't afford to get fired. (Unfortunately, otherwise I'd quit! ha ha ha)

Of course it' more difficult now, because I got my Denise Needles. I LOVE my Denise Needles, they are pink and cute and I'm able to go a bit faster on them when knitting in the round because I can make the left needle smaller than the right, the gauge stays the same and the stitches just slip right off! So I sit in work and I daydream about those needles and my knitting and all the FABULOUS projects I have lined up! Oh to be a kept woman...I could stay in a paid for apartment and knit all day...Ha ha, who am I kidding? I'd die if I couldn't work at least half time, but it's nice to fantasize...

Sunday, February 25, 2007

So, lately I've been in this sort of funk. It was grey and cloudy, there was no sun, and the temperature alternated from "so cold cold I'm gonna die" to just "I think my face will fall off from the cold" cold. I grew up sort of all over, but mostly in Arizona and Florida...I'm used to sunshine and heat. (Although, in Arizona it does get cold, but nothing like up here.) I was feeling so crummy that I didn't even want to knit, or walk the Molly, or even snuggle with my guy! It was touch and go for a while there, I'd come home grumbling to Ry about how much I hated it here, and I just want to stop law school and go back to Florida or Arizona. Suddenly the humidity and hurricanes of Florida were forgotten. The scorpions and black widows of Arizona, a fading memory. All I could recall was the beautiful heat and sunshine. The beaches in Florida, the hikes in Tucson Mountain park. Riding my bike, swimming in the pools, wearing short sleeves...Oh! to be in the southern part of the U.S. again. Well, I woke up Friday morning and the sun was SHINING!!!! I looked again and saw that it had snowed the night before and it was still snowing, coating the trees and houses, it looked like powdered sugar had been dusted over everything. It was glorious. On my way home from work, it was the most beautiful sunset, orange and pink and gold. To top it all off, Ry & I had decided to make some pizza. We got some organic pizza dough & sauce, we chopped up some veggies and made some pizzas.

We had some good old-fashioned quality time together. We watched movies and I promised not to knit as long as he promised not to tune into the internet, and snuggled up together on the couch and watched The Prestige. I felt like I had come out of hibernation. My sour attitude was gone, and my funk had disappeared. Finally, the Seasonal Depressive Disorder is over, I feel like a normal human being again. Thank God!