Thursday, March 6, 2008

Swap Package Received!

I received my swap package today! What a lovely surprise at the end of a crap day! Claudia did a wonderful job with my mittens, they are the herring bone pattern in a lovely pale blue and plummy purple. I just adore them! They will go with EVERYTHING! She also sent me some Scottish and Welsh Yarn and most favorite chocolate, Cadbury's!! Thanks so much to her I just love everything, it really brightened my day. The package is wonderful, I adore it, but enough gushing, here are the pics!

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esmereldaknits said...

Yay! Oh I am glad everything got there in one piece! There was definitely a colour scheme going on - probably the first time I have ever colour-schemed a swap package, and quite unintentionally too! Again, I am so sorry it took me an age to get everything to you, but I am glad you like the mittens!