Friday, January 25, 2008

"And then I looked down and he really did have two left feet."

Hey! Hey! Did you know? I'm an idiot! Seriously. I was at a department store the other night and found a pair of little ankle boots for $15.00, I pulled one of the little booties out and tried it on, perfect fit! So threw it back in the box, grabbed some sneakers for Ry and headed for check out. The clerk pulled both the boots looked for a tag and, after pulling another pair of boots for the price tag, rang me up and out the door I went! Fast forward to this morning, I pulel those fab little booties out of their box, slapped one one the left foot, and grabbed the other little bootie to slap it on the right. Well, lo and behold, I found myself with two left boots. Yeah. I didn’t check to be sure that they were a set of boots for a normal human pair of feet. So now I have to run back over to that store to exchange them. I hope & pray that they have a box in the same size that has two rights in it!

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