Tuesday, January 15, 2008

The Consumption

I swear I had the consumption. Not TB, mind you, but The Consumption where you cough delicately into hankies and waste away on your chaise lounge, while your beloved says things like "Darling! Don't leave me, I cannot go on without you."

Hmmm...well maybe it was just a bad cold. The only thing delicate about my wheezing, coughing, feverish, mucus filled body, was that even when sick I am still a delicate flower. (Hahahaha! Those of you that know me, may laugh as well.)

Well, before coming down with the consumption, Ry and I went to L&C's wedding. What a beautiful event! From the Church to the reception everything reflected L's sense of style, it was very posh and elegant. Of course, you know that the Beautiful Bride, l, cried, but so did C, C's mom and C's little brother (also the best man), as did L's little sister (also the maid of honor). It was lovely and adorable all those happy tears of the friends and family of the bride & groom. Ry kept looking at me to see if I was crying, I didn't and I think that may have disappointed him! I'm not much of a teary-eyed gal, I never have been. (There are only four movies that I cry at every time I see them.) So the ceremony was beautiful and the reception was just lovely, it was at the Foxhill Inn in CT and it was just amazing, the lighting was perfect and they had these beautiful winter decorations up, and, best of all, a coat check! (How I LOVE a coat check!)

We had a wonderful time, drank far too much and were shockingly hungover the next day. Therefore we used the Patented (not really) JC Hangover Method: #1 Devour some kind of greasy breakfast at your local diner, #2 drink massive amounts of Orange Soda and #3 watch and afternoon of John Candy movies, beginning with Uncle Buck. Do this for the entire day in order to feel human again.

So that was the first weekend of January and then I fell sick, started classes again, finished mittens for Ry's sister, finished one mitten for my Mom and that's it, my friends! I have just been so bogged down with work (not school work, but work-work), that I haven't really done anything too fun, but Ry & I promised each other that in February, when work calms down, we're going skiing! Yay! I've also joined the 2nd round of the No More Hum-Drum Mittens Swap, and I am very excited about beginning a new mitten project, AND I've joined the Rockin' Sock Club! I am very excited about the RSC, I have been coveting their yarn for so long and have been unable to decide on a color or pattern that I am looking forward to letting the ladies at Blue Moon Fiber Arts decide for me!

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