Wednesday, September 12, 2007


After a long sabbatical, I am officially back. There was time there when it was touch and go. When I wasn’t sure I even wanted to continue with this blog, not because I don’t like having a forum on which to “let it out” as they say, but because it seemed like such a useless commitment. Let’s face it, nobody really reads this blog and there’s the commitment of writing on it and taking photos of my knitting and various other things going on in my life. It just seemed like…a waste of my “me time”. However, the realization struck me that the blog can be part of my “me time”. With that in mind I have returned to you, my non-existent public.

What may not be known is that in the interim of this break several things have happened. The first of which is that I had a birthday. Ry, Mom, and Stevie did everything in their power to make it very special for me. It was the nicest birthday I have had in a long time. Among the gifts I received were a sewing machine from Mom and Seinfeld DVD’s that I take such delight in I watch them nearly every night. My brother got me a jewelry box from his travels in Europe that is apparently made from Camel bone, but the dogs seems to think it’s made of the most delicious kind of doggie crack on earth. In other words, all Molly wants to do is sniff and lick the jewelry box and all Sam wants to do is eat it. I have sewn a few blouses on the sewing machine and I love it, the patterns are fairly simple, but they are lovely. I have already committed myself to sewing curtains for the bedroom, and a friend of mine has inquired as to whether or not I’d be able to sew her a Snow White costume. Ummm…we’ll see on that last one.

Another big occurrence is that I am able to afford law school again, so I will be able to continue my education. I have mixed feelings about this. I am still not sure that this is my path, but on the other hand my pride will not let me be a quitter. I have done some research, and I can pursue an alternative legal career or perhaps just maintain my hobbies to be a well-rounded person.

My major difficulty this summer has been Sam. I am having a hard time adjusting to having a puppy in the house, particularly one who is still not fully house-broken nor crate trained. Let it be known that I did not want a puppy, I wanted a dog. To be more specific, I wanted a dog between the ages of 1.5 and 2 years, the same age that Molly was when I got her. I’m not going to fool you, Molly was tough when I first got her, there were accidents and chewing incidents, but I crate trained her and the accidents and chewing stopped. I hired a dog trainer and taught her most commands. She is now a good girl, she can be left in the house with no accidents and no chewing, unless an errant cotton swab finds its way out of the bathroom. She behaves. Sam on the other hand wakes me up in the night to go outside (3:00AM people) he chews everything, he barks his fool head off in the crate (yes, even when we’re right there with him), he pees if left alone for any extended period of time. He kind of knows his commands, he does come when called, he does know “inside”, and he knows “No”. But he needs his shots he needs to be fixed and he needs to be trained, both crate trained and command trained. It was my hope that we could have accomplished this before classes began, but that was not to be. So now we have Sam, and it’s like having a difficult child. Ry, of course, thinks the world of him, which is wonderful. I wanted him to have a dog to love and bond with, and now he does. We just need to work on the obedience aspect of Sam. He has potential and all we have to do now is get him fixed and hire a trainer. Ry & I discussed it and decided that those things need to be done asap, because neither of us want to continue to worry if Sam's incessant barking will cause us to be evicted, nor do we want to walk with dread into the house wondering what he has destroyed this time.

The next big thing that happened is that I paid a surprise visit to my Mom over Labor Day. She had no idea that I was arriving, and was shocked beyond imagining when I waltzed through her living room door. It was a wonderful weekend, and my brother and I got a wheelchair for her (because she has a lot of leg pain which prevents her from doing most things) and took her to the Farmer’s market, the craft store, and lots of other places. We all had a lot of fun.

And last but not least, Ryan had a birthday. It was his 31st and among his gifts were some books, picture frames and a few other little things. I am also having party for him this weekend, which should be perfect, the high is only going to be 68 and we’re going to have a bonfire. How exciting!

In knitting news, I have finished one of Ry’s socks, I have cast on for a Beret and I have the back piece of Simply Marilyn done! I have a thousand other projects in mind, but I realize I should pace myself, 3 projects at a time is probably enough, especially with the sewing I want to do. However, I do need to get some more Christmas gifts onto needles. By the way, does anybody out here have a cool, basic pattern for a hat and scarf with sock yarn? Well, I guess I have some projects to think about!

Here's a pic of Molly and Sam. They are cute together...

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