Monday, September 24, 2007

The Weekend

So, Friday night was "date night"! We went out to dinner and we were going to see a movie when a sudden and vicious pain began attacking my neck. I didn't sleep on it in an unusual way, because it hadn't been hurting since the morning. I think I strained it, here’s why:
Monday through Thursday I carry around a laptop bag at night. It’s easily the cheapest laptop bag that money can buy. It has a narrow strap, no padding for your shoulder and it distributes the weight unevenly. In addition to this monstrous laptop bag I carry a giant purse. Seriously it’s giant. In this purse I carry my lunch, my pens a law book or two, my planner, about 5 lipsticks, a change of shoes (if I am wearing heels) and my knitting…just to name a few things. The weight of my purse is probably about 25 pounds, and it can only go over one shoulder, it’s not a messenger bag type thing. It’s a one shoulder, two strap purse. The weight of my laptop bag (with assorted documents) is probably about 35 pounds. So between the two I am carrying about 60 pounds, unevenly distributed onto one shoulder. Is it any wonder my neck was hurting?

Anyway, back to date night…My neck was killing me by the time we were going to see a movie, so I had to beg off and we compromised by renting a movie from the local video store so I could lay down. We got home, I popped 4 Aleve and we watched Death Proof. Let me say Tarantino ALWAYS makes a good movie and an even better soundtrack. So after the movie I went to bed and crashed out.

On Saturday, Ry & I went to the fair! The first thing we did when we finally got there (3 hours of traffic to get in, thank you very much), was have corndogs and fresh lemonade. Yum! Then we hit the buildings, saw the exhibits. There was a butter sculpture,

a cow that had the same coloring and marking as Sam,

and of course the FOOD! We had cream puffs, lobster rolls, quahog clams, seafood, blueberry crisp, and of course, beer! My neck was still bothering me, but 3 Aleve and 2 beers made me forget all about that! We had a ton of fun, even though Ry turned a little green on one of the rides. (Too much food!)

Sunday was a gorgeous day, so I studied on the porch and pseudo-enjoyed the day.

I only did a little knitting over the weekend due to the neck pain, but overall it was a fantastic weekend!

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Deb said...

Big E??

Missed it this year since we decided on Fright Fest(LOL had to edit because I typed FrigFest) at Six Flags with the kids instead.
We're going Saturday.