Friday, September 28, 2007

Rainstorms, Knitting and the Dogs

So last night I finished the leg on Ry’s sock, and just as I was getting ready to start the heel Ry lured me out on the porch to listen to the rain and enjoy a drink with him. By the time we came back inside it was almost midnight. If the painters hadn’t removed the porch light, I’d have probably brought the sock out with me, but it was not to be.

It’s been a long time since I’ve sat outside and listened to the rain and thunder. I forgot how soothing rainstorms can be, especially since in the summer the rainstorms are harbingers of humidity, nasty weather and mosquitos, but in the fall they are perfection. The dogs, however, did not like the rain as much as we did. Molly and Sam hid behind our chairs whenever there was a little thunder and Sam kept walking to the edge of the porch and looking in wonderment at the rain pouring down. He absolutely refused to go potty before bed; the rain was too much for his delicate sensibilities; so he woke us up barking this morning to go out. Molly didn’t go out before bed either (she too has delicate sensibilities), but she’s a camel, she can wait until we’re up before going out.

Tonight we have a potluck dinner with some friends, one of whom has been asking me about knitting. I was thinking of giving her one of my books, some yarn, needles and a pattern and letting her experiment. The thing is…what yarn? What pattern? I have to figure that out first. I have some stuff in my stash that I bought before I became a bit of a yarn snob, which I can’t bear to get rid of because it seems like a waste. So it has been relegated to hats, dog sweaters and experimental uses. I hate to give her some of that lest she think that’s what all yarn is like, but I can’t see giving her some of my more expensive stuff, because it will probably not be appreciated for a first time project, or she’ll have a heart attack if she messes up or breaks the yarn (I almost did). I have multiple colors of one brand, but it’s kind of scratchy and stretchy and I wonder if stripes might be too challenging. Although, I think something like that is fun to learn because then you have something to change up the mindlessness of garter or stockinette stitch. Hmmm…I may have to ponder this further…I’ll have to decide by tonight though! I have some Lionbrand…that’s soft, and it tends to be good for beginners because it’s easy to work with and there will be no heart attacks if you screw up royally….maybe that’s the way to go?

p.s. Do you like my new fall theme?

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