Thursday, July 12, 2007

Here's What's Happening

Well, I'm almost done with sock #1 for Ry. I tried it on him last night to see where I was on it and make sure everything is turning out ok,not like the last sock disaster! When I tried it on him he made two comments, #1 "Ooohh, that's comfortable, I like it," and #2 "Is it going to take you this long to finish the other one?" Whhhaaaaaat?? I just looked at him and said, "Yes, it's 88 stitches around and you have a BIG foot." So I promised him he would have a set by the end of August. (I sincerely hope that holds true.) Anyway, it's summer and all he's putting on his feet these days are sandals or gym shoes when we take walks, so he'll be fine with gym socks until it gets cool out.

In other news, I was hired at my job (YAY), and will now receive a LIVING WAGE. Can you believe it? I was so excited when i found out I bought myself a little "Congratulations" cake and waited up until 12:30am (when Ry got home)to eat it!

The search for a new pupperoni continues (and will do so until we have some moolah to pay an adoption fee) and I sometimes worry about Molly and if she'll adjust to a new addition very well. I guess I'm mostly worried about dividing my attention evenly between the two doggies, and I don't want to neglect Miss Molly...I'm sure it will all work out for the best. I mean, ultimately she’s getting a companion so she’ll have someone to play with during the day and hopefully they get along like a house on fire, which will ease my worries considerably.

So I have a birthday coming up. I'm a little excited and a little anxious about it. Something usually happens on my birthday, and it’s usually never good. I am trying to be positive, although I am a little sad that I don’t hardly any people that live in the area that I could invite to a party, or that I haven’t had a birthday party since I was a kid. I guess it’ll just be a quiet night, which will be nice, too. Especially because a big birthday bash requires a lot of clean-up before and afterward.

I have a gift already waiting for me…it’s from my Dad…it’s been in the house for almost a month now…I REEAAALLY want to open it, but my willpower is pretty strong, so I am resisting the urge. (barely)

I have some new sock yarn from Chameleon Colorworks...but no photos yet, and I still haven't felt presentable enough to take a photo of the Anthropologie Shrug. I will take & post those pics as well as the sock progress pics soon, I promise.

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