Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Thank you!

Thank you everyone for your congratulations. We're really excited and I ahve already begun to overwhelm myself with planning the wedding. We've decided that the last two full weekends in Ocotber of 2009 look good. That, of course, may change but for now that's the plan. Truthfully, I think a winter wedding would be a lot of fun, but Ry is concerned about how a snowstorm might delay or even ruin our plans. I promise to post a picture of the rings, hopefully this weekend if my camera hooks up to my brand new MAC!

Yep, that's right, I now have a Mac Book. My old laptop finally "shit the bed" (as Ry likes to say) if had been going for a while. the bottom third of the screen ahd ben overtaken by horizontal white lines, rendered that portion completely useless unless I used wood clamps to correct it. The part of th power cord that plugged into the computer had to be propped up with pens, folded papers, etc in order for it to get power and then finally the power cord got so screwed up that without some serious fiddling I couldn't get any power. Well, that was the final straw. we talked about it and I got a new MacBook which we will be reimbursed for through the lawschool. WaHoo! It's so exciting I was almost tempted to ditch my knittign group to play with my new toy! But I restrained myself and decided that I can,. in fact have it all, I can go to knitting and get home, take out the dogs, have dinner and play! YAY!

In more wedding planning news, Ryan and I have decided to take the 29th of this month to go and check out three possible venues for this shindig and in the process we'll be having lunch with my FMIL (F, which used to mean Faux, will now mean FUTURE!) and Coffee with Ry's Uncle. I am looking forward to this. I feel like the 29th might be an auspicious day for us, being a leap year and all. We'll see. In the meantime I'm goign to try to keep the wedding planning stuff to a minimum here and a maximum at our wedding blog, which is listed in the sidebar. Feel free to check it out. It's not very full yet, but, then again, it's still early!

p.s. Mitten Pal #1, it's okay, I forgive you! (haha) I was just wondering if you fell off the planet or something. It's good to hear from you again, and congratulations on your wedding!


Steph Domino said...

How, pray tell, do you manage to keep up two blogs with law school? I can't even keep up one with a boring old job.

Steph Domino said...

Ooh, and congrats on the Mac book. :)