Saturday, May 14, 2011

Moments to Treasure from the Week

Not much knitting or anything done this week.  I mainly spent the week trying to meet a deadline, resulting in CG watching approximately four hours of Mickey on Thursday. To make up for it, we spent basically the entire day at the park on Friday.  This morning we had a photo shoot with Stephanie and discussed a possible second photographer role for me in her growing business.  I enjoyed our session and her company, she's a very cool kind of person.  I'm looking into investing in a used DSLR camera and  selling off my 35mm film cameras, with a promise to myself to buy an old Canon AE-1 (my very first camera which was stolen from me in Tucson) when I have the money and a darkroom.  I love digital, but nothing beats the feel of film, or the smell of a darkroom for that matter.  Anyone have any ideas where I can pick up a good used DSLR, preferably not a $2,000.00 one?

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Stephenie Daily said...

ebay ebay ebay. That's were I got a lot of my lenses and also one of my milolta bodies. I'm hopeing to save enough money to get a digital Sony. They took over minolta and all my lenses are compatible with that. What happened to the lawyer thing?