Monday, April 25, 2011

Simply Ten Good Things*

Dyeing eggs, for Easter deviled eggs
Beginning our own family traditions
A chocolate bunny
The excitement of Easter morning
A new handknit sweater
That sweet neck
That suit, oh I love that suit...!
Mama made toys and fresh flowers
Birds singing
Trees leafing out...

There's nothing quite like a list of ten lovely things to start out the week, especially on such a grey and rainy day. It grounds me in the now and reminds me of all the good I have in my life, despite the hardships coming.  Have a happy Monday!

*Inspired by Soulemama, though not nearly as lovely as hers.

1 comment:

Stephenie Daily said...

Some day that suit will come back to haunt you all. Especially Connor when he starts dating!

Love the duck/chick! It's adorable. :)