Saturday, January 9, 2010

Some things...

Apparently if you don't send thank you cards out right away people get upset. Who knew? Well, in any event, they are going out en masse today. In order to acheive that little feat I stopped bathing my baby. Yes that's right in exchange for "thank you's" I had to have a filthy baby for a few days. I mean, I wiped him with a washcloth but as we all know, that's not the same as a bath! He's cool with it though, he hasn't been crying about it and I can't write my name on him by wiping away filth, so all in all it's no big deal.

Moving on! Some things I have been knitting, I knit a bunch of bonnets and booties for an auction for my church, but of course I didn't take pics of everything. I also knit something for a friend's baby girl (bonnet & booties) and OF COURSE was in such a rush to mail it that I didn't take a photo of either, but they were super cute, lavender and flamingo pink! Can't you just picture it with little jeans and a long sleeve skull tee? I knit a hat for my dad, devil stylie, and an earflap hat for K and a Hannah hat for S. I'm starting a battle bonnet for Steve and mom & Anne are having gifts knit as well. And I need to do up another Gnomey hat for A's boy twin, the girl twin's is finished. Oh and I knit a Gnomey hat, a pixie hat and a pumpkin hat for C. So that's that, let's begin the photos! Of course, you can also access this on ravelry, too.



Laundry Day

Hannah Hat

Connor's Gnomey

Ok, so I have more photos but I haven't e-mailed them to myself from Ryan's phone yet, so we'll just have to wait on those.

I sent Ryan up justa minute ago to handle getting Connor down for a nap and it's completely silent. I wonder if they passed put from the stress of it all? Maybe Ryan actually got Connor to sleep and in his crib! I wonder...I better check on them...Nope, asleep on Ry's chest, but sleeping in his room. It's the little victories. Well, I better get to work over here. Until next time!

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GardenGirl31 said...

Your knitting is amazing! When/where did you learn to knit?