Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Hi! I missed you!

Where have I bene and what have I been up to that I wasn't blogging regularly? Well, I've been busy! First it was finals, and then on the 17th Ry graduated from lawschool. It was so wonderful to see him in his cap, gown and hood. He looked so handsome. He also won an award, highest achievement in labor law! (So proud.) When his sister S saw him acceot the award she started crying and my FMIL got a little choked up. Me? I thought he was keeping it a secret, so I was excited when I heard, but couldn't beleive he kept it a secret from me! Well, as it turns out, he didn't even know, it was a surprise to all of us. Afterwards we had a drunken grad party at his parents house (just family). it was lovely, lots of food booze and good company, just what a grad party should be!
Then the following weekend we went to the MAss sheep and wool festival in Cummington Mass, where we watched the border collie trials and met up with my friends in the knitting group, Deb, MA and Lexi. I (of course) bought llama and some gorgeous alapca yarn, all natural and undyed, something about that espresso brown alapca and creamy white llama and alpaca really called to me. Then on Sunday we went to Ry's Aunties house for his cousin's girlfriend's baby shower. It was lovely Auntie really knows how to hostes a party! I knit Anouk and matching saartje booties. (pics will be posted soon) I think they were well recieved, she was so excited about all of her gifts it was hard to tell! When we got back I went upstairs for a nap, and then we went over to J&M's place for some drinks and didn't get home and to bed until 3am! MOnday was a study day (because classes started last week), and here I am today. Now that classes have begun, there's not much going on in my life, mostly because we're squeezing a semester of classes into less than 2 months. Can you imagine? The reading load is insane! Well, I'm in class right now, so I'm gonna split, talk to you soon!

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