Tuesday, April 22, 2008

No worries, I’m still here!

Hello, my friends. I've been missing blogland. As ususal, life (and Ravelry) got in the wayof some serious blog time. I have been knitting, though. I began the embossed leaves socks (which I will be making for Ry’s Mom because they’re easy and pretty), I’m also about halfway done with an Anouk baby dress. I did make some modifications to it. The original pattern calls for it to be a little pinafore, which meant that it was unattached on the sides and would have to be put over some kind of poufy dress. I did not like that, so I am knitting it in the round and then dividing it and knitting back and forth for the top. I’m using Blue Sky Dyed Cotton as the yarn, it’s my first time using anything by Blue sky, I have to say that I just love it. So soft to the touch, such delicious colors and such whimsical names! The dress is knit in pickle and circus peanut and the pockets will have flamingo colored flowers on an orchid background. I just adore the pattern and the mods were not a big deal. This baby dress has gotten me addicted to knitting for babies. They’re such fast little knits. A friend of mine suggested that perhaps I should just knit up little baby things, box them up and wait for more people to have babies. Not such a bad idea, although I don’t know how Ry would feel being overrun with baby knits! I other news, our roommate P will be moving out on June 1st, so we’ll (finally) have the whole place to ourselves. Which also means that the sunshine-y room upstairs that is currently being used for P’s plants will be my office/craft room. I am, of course, very excited over the prospect of this, as is Ry (he’ll finally have his office back). The first order of business will be to paint the room in something that will be both bright and calming, then I will make some curtains and set up the room. We will also have a nice big guest room (P’s old bedroom), which we will move the spare bed into, paint and furnish. This will be a nice summer project for all those weekends Ry will be his little patootie off. It’ll keep me busy and out of his hair and will allow me to have a nice, freshly painted interior. (Oh, did I mention I plan on repainting the bathroom, hallway and hopefully the kitchen and living room too? Yep it’ll be a whole new house, ladies and gentlemen!) Moving on, Mom and I got Ry his graduation gift this weekend. We gave it to him early so he could enjoy it before finals. We got him a gas grill, something he’s been wanting for a long time. He loves it and to “Christen” it he grilled up some delicious steaks from whole foods. Yum! The next night we had hotdogs on the grill. Double yum! This grill is so nice, even I might use it! I forgot to take some action shots of the first using of the grill, but I intend to either recreate it (by having more steak) or take other action shots. (Burgers, maybe?) This week is the last week of classes for Ry FOREVER, and for me, until the resume again in the summer. Next week begins finals, so I will probably not post again until afterwards. I had registered for and was hoping to see the Yarn Harlot in Noho this weekend, but unfortunately, I will be studying. Deb and MaryAlice will be there and they promise to tell me all about it. MaryAlice even bought me her book, so they could get it autographed for me. (Aren’t they the best?) Finals also mean no knitting group for the next three weeks…I am already going through withdrawals! The ladies in the group are great and our time together is filled with lots and lots of laughter. For the past two weeks MaryAlice was bringing in her spinning wheel, and she even let me spin some yarn! Now, of course, I want a spinning wheel. I even have it all picked out, so that it can be my gift to myself after the bar! I say after the bar, because I really do not need the extra distraction of spinning. I already have loads of fabric and knitting calling my name I don’t need that spinning wheel whispering to me too! Hmm, well sorry about no pics, I’ll go back through and update this post with pics. (If Blogger isn’t a pain about uploading pics like last time.) In the mean time, have a fabulous week!

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Steph Domino said...

You are truely becoming a domestic goddess. And spinning even? When will you have time to lawyer?

My mom was awed and impressed when I showed her pictures of your socks. She's never been daring enough to move beyond baby blankets, even though some of those are pretty complex.