Thursday, November 1, 2007

So I’ve been reading a lot of blogs about knitting recently, and a lot of those blogs are being written by either expectant mothers, new mommies, or moms. It’s giving me The Fever, to which an old (male) friend of mine said “What is about women our age that constantly talk about the clock ticking or wanting babies? Is it the age?” (I told him yes, and unlike men we are constantly aware of the expiration date on these little eggies.) So back to The Fever, I want kids, Ryan knows this and we’ve talked about it, we’re all set and have a Plan. The problem is I don’t have any friends with babies (yet), thus depriving me of the one thing that will help alleviate The Fever, access to a baby. See, I’m not even an Auntie, so I can’t even baby-sit a niece or nephew to get a dose of reality, nope I’m relegated to reading the blogs about babies with pictures of babies sleeping quietly or gurgling happily. When what I need is one screaming colicky baby, and I’ll be all set until the enactment of the plan. If I had friends with babies (or friends in this area for that matter), that would be one thing. All I can do is hope that when Ry’s cousin’s baby is born, we can sit for them and she screams the whole time, because if she's sweet, I'm done for.

In other news, I completely ripped out the mitten for my Swap partner. It wasn’t perfect, and I don’t like to give shoddy gifts, so I ripped it out rewound it, rethought the color scheme and have made some changes. The Great Re-Cast-On will begin tonight after a quick trip to Webs! I keep meaning to get started in this knitting group that meets once a week on Wednesdays in Noho, but I haven’t mustered up the courage to walk in alone with nothing but a bag of knitting to guide me. I used to be so bold about things like that, but I find that since moving to this state (and having been here for basically three years with no girl friends), my courage has deserted me. Which just perpetuates the situation, I know. I have tried, but law school is not the best place to make girlfriends. Most girls where I’m at tend to be mean and catty, with only a few exceptions. The nice ones are all married and living far away from me. I think, however, next week will be my week to attend. New month, new start.

In other knitting news, super-top secret gift #1 is almost complete. Unfortunately I can’t blog about it until after Christmas, but when it is done, I'll let you know so you can see it on ravelry.

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