Wednesday, November 7, 2007


So, a couple of weeks ago my Gramma felt a Lump. She went to the doctor, and he scheduled her for a biopsy. Last week she was diagnosed with breast cancer. it sent my world into a tailspin. Now, my Gramma is one strong lady, but I just kept thinking about my Grampa all alone. It broke my heart, they've been married since they were about 18, right out of high school, they became grownups together. I can't imagine losing someone that important to me. Well yesterday Gramma had surgery to see if the cancer had spread to her lymph nodes. Grampa sent out a family e-mail last night, apparently after ten hours in the hospital she got a pass. No cancer in the lymph nodes. She'll be starting an aggressive radiation treatment next week, and we'll see from there what will happen next. So go hug your mom, sister, aunt, cousin, gramma, and friends and be thankful that you have them, because you never know what is going to happen next and where the next Lump will be.


Anonymous said...

Oh, honey. I am so sorry that this happened to someone you love. She sounds like a very strong woman, and I have my fingers crossed for her and your grandfather. what a life and what a love the two of them must have had together so far - with hopefully many more years to come.

Stay strong and take care of you.
Hugs, mitten gal

Jenn said...

Thank you my Mitten Friend. My grandparents have always been my source of inspiration for the idea that marriage can work, despite everything else that happens in life. The good news is that Gramma does not have to undergo chemo, but she does have to take this new drug on the market, one pill every day for the next five years. Hopefully, it won't wear her out like radiation did or like chemo would have. She did have to undergo radiation, though. Twice a day for a week, it sounded painful, but she was very positive throughout the whole ordeal. Thank you for your kind thoughts, it means a lot to me.