Wednesday, October 10, 2007

Vermont Weekend

Well, I am about 97% done with my little beret! Just in time, too because the weather is finally starting to act normal again, so I can wear my sweaters and hats now. Hooray! In other news Ry & I went to Woodstock Vermont on Sunday. What an awesome day! Vermont was so pretty, the leaves were all turning and Woodstock is such a quaint little town. To begin we walked through a little park area where people could walk their dogs. As we were walking through there I smelled something odd, but ignored it. Then we wandered in and out of these little art galleries admiring some of the works, agreeing on some things and disagreeing on others. Ry really made the effort to talk to me about what he did and did not like, and why that was so. I continued to smell something weird, so I asked Ry to check his shoes. Nothing. So we wandered on. We had lunch in a fabulous little restaurant we were fairly ravenous so we both finished our plates, and we had some Long Trail Blackberry Wheat Ale. Delicious! There was an old covered bridge that was still in use and some gorgeous old houses that we both wished we owned.

Later we had ice cream from an overpriced little shop (ahem, $5 for a cone), then sat on a bench looking at a babbling brook and eating out ice cream. Later we went to Quechee and saw the Quechee Gorge and a HUGE hot air balloon.

It was at the gorge that I discovered the source of the weird smell. It was MY shoes. Not Ry’s, mine. Did I think to check my own shoes? Nope, I just assumed it would have to be Ry’s shoes, because my shoes are so cute, they would never have stepping in something as gross as poo. Boy, was I wrong. Well, I managed to scrape it off on a rail thing and there wasn’t any in my tread, thank God, but I wonder how much was tracked in and out of those galleries…Anyway, the gorge was awesome and we saw it from both sides of the bridge. Apparently Ry had been passing over the gorge to go skiing since he was a kid, but had never stopped to see it, so it was a first for both of us. We also stooped at a cute little place that sold local cheese, handmade furniture and all things pickled. For instance there were pickled eggs, regular pickles, pickled cabbage. You name it they had it, and it was pickled. They also had flocks of sheep, bears and cows. Ry and I took photos in the midst of each! On the way back we stopped at a rural gas station/general store and there I saw the BIGGEST apple pies in my life. I ended up buying a blackberry pie, which is now gone, but was delicious. That pie must’ve weighed ten pounds, it was delicious and worth every penny we paid. All in all it was a wonderful weekend.

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