Wednesday, October 17, 2007

Done and Done!

Well, that is it, my little Chickens! I am done with Ry's Socks and my Beret. Although I have a little confession to make. It's a little big...the beret. I made it with needles one size up so it would be a little big, so my hair wouldn't get mashed or a hat line or anything. However, it doesn't feel all that secure. Oh, well, at least the plan for no hat hair is in full force and effect! Ryan's socks fit him quite well, and he does love them even though some of our friends saw them in progress and thought the colors were "gay". First of all, what does that mean? That they look like drag queens with too much makeup and glittery bits? They're SOCKS! And second of all, when did blue whit and green become "gay" colors? Ugh. They are male fashionistas, and couldn't get around the fact that socks are rarely seen, except with dress pants, and these socks are too casual for dress pants. Idiots.

Anyway, moving on...I was sick all weekend and accomplished almost nothing, except I did finish my reading for classes and Ry's sock. So I guess I did something. I am feeling a bit better now but, still not great. I was also assigned my mitten partners! Yahoo!!! Let the mitteniness begin! I am excited to hit the stores this weekend and pick up the yarny goodness. I also finished up the shopping for my Mystery Swap partner and will be mailing that package out this weekend...I hope she likes it!

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