Thursday, January 29, 2009


Lay-offs are coming people, layoffs are coming. Even if I survive this round, there will be another when even more of our state aid is cut off in July. The upside? I get to be home with the baby and collect a check and because we were preparing for a period of time when my maternity leave would be unpaid, we have enough money put away to account for two months worth of my regular pay. (Thank God.) There is also a great state health insurance plan that we’ll qualify for that will either be free or have such a low premium that we’ll be paying less than what we are now, but getting better insurance.

All that said, it’s still massively scary, and will require some definite adjustments in our lives. Things will work out, though. Why? Because things always work out, one way or another.

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Steph Domino said...

It's been my experience that because you will actually benefit (even if only in a small way) from the layoffs, you will therefore NOT be layed off. That was my own personal experience. I was actually down to hoping I'd be cut last time around and of course, I wasn't.

I do know what you mean about scary though. I have come up with a plan in the event I get cut this next time around, but it doesn't make the unknown any less welcome. I'll pray that you get the paid maternity leave though. :hugs: